I don’t understand what the fuss is all about? Barack Obama is a Buppie muthafucking Uncle Tom Bitch. I thought all of you conservatives would like that shit. There’ll be no chitterlins, hog maws. collard greens, Colt Forty Five or Kennedy Fried Chicken up in that White House. Those Oreo cookie bishes will be having crepes suzette and caviar while they figure out who is cooler to have at their first soiree, Michael Bolton or Johnny Mathis.

You think Talib Kweli will be there? You think Wyclef Jean will be there? Do you think that The Roots will be up in that joint. Hellz the fuck no! Every single rich black bitch that has been relaxing their hair for so long that they forgot they have nappy hair will be there. And all the Black men who have blonde bitch girlfriends like Ice-T will be hanging out. Its going to be known as SELL OUT MANSION.

CHECK THIS SHIT OUT NEGROS…….BARACK OBAMA IS NOT AN AMERICAN BLACK PERSON LIKE WE ARE. Sure he was raised here but he was raised with WHITE PEOPLE. Not only that but he is not descended from slave ancestry like the majority of blacks in this country. I hope you don’t think that he’s going to do something for us black folk because ummmm, it ain’t happening. That muthafucka might as well be white. You think he’s going to save the country and the black folk??? FOLLOW THE MONEY TRAIL BITCHES, THE MOTHERFUCKER IS BOUGHT JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE POLITICIANS THAT ARE ABLE TO GET SO MUCH MONEY TO RUN A CAMPAIGN.

Seriously, don’t be deluded. Its like you thought Bill Clinton was the best thing that happened to black people when in the meantime he implemented the welfare reform that took away our fine lifestyle. and before you go and say that Guiliani was to blame, Let me just say that it started at the NATIONAL LEVEL and Guiliani only did what he was supposed to do according to the welfare reform changes.

You think Obama is going to bring back Welfare abuse and good times???? Keep dreaming.

While Obama is no Papa Doc Duvalier or Idi Amin, he’s no savior for the black people. Get over that “I got a Dream” bullshit and wake up, NEGROS.